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The Relics of the Buddha at the Metta Vihara

 The most precious sacred assets of the Metta Vihara are the sacred relics of the Buddha. At present, the relics are preserved in the Shrine Room of the temple. Originally, they were available as the secured and esteemed properties of the Kelaniya Rajamaha Viharaya, Sri Lanka.
 The silver casket in the relic chamber contains three genuine sacred relics of the Buddha. Two of them are bone relics. The third is one of the hair relics entrusted to Kelaniya temple for protection by an ancient monastery of the north-eastern Sri Lanka. All the three relics are historically and archaeologically established to be the real bone relics of the Buddha.

 When the Metta Vihara was established on 27th May 2012, Most Ven. Kollupitiye Mahinda Sangharakkhita Nayaka Thera, the present chief incumbent of the Kelaniya Rajamaha Viharaya entrusted these revered relics to the Metta Vihara to be duly respected and preserved in Japan.