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Itsukushimidera - Metta Vihara (the Center for Asian Buddhist Cultural Exchange) scholarship

 The student support scholarship program managed by the Center for Asian Buddhist Cultural Exchange of the MettA VihAra, Hiroshima wishes to grant financial assistance to student monks in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thai, Cambodia, Vietnam and Bangladesh.
 In recent years, we experience an advancement of studies and practice of early Buddhist teachings in Japan. It is same in America and other parts of the western world. Such a healthy trend of ethical learning was born, mainly due to the hard efforts of the revered teachers from Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Thailand etc.
 As a token of gratitude for those who preserved these precious teachings for the peace of mind of the people in the modern world of turmoil and conflicts, we wish to extend our support to the student monks who wish to be the dhamma teachers of the future world.

 We also hope to grant scholarships to the talented students of primary and secondary schools of the remote areas in Sri Lanka. In future, we wish to extend this financial support for the studies of the needy children in Myanmar, Thai, Cambodia, Vietnam and Bangladesh.
 Initially, we wish to begin scholarships for 25 students (each Rs. 2000. 00 monthly) from January 2013.